PSI non SF86 Questions

When doing a personnel security interview for an agency, they are filling out a form separate from the 86 that has questions beyond what you are asked. If that an agency specific form? Or is that shared on the 86?

DCSA (which is under DoD and does most of the Non IC BIs) has additional questions, not found on the SF86, that the Investigators are required to ask and note responses. Some Intel Agencies also have their own additional questions required to be asked, beyond what is on the SF86. (varies by agency/circumstances)

When you say “they” do you mean the investigator is filling out the additional form, or that the interviewee (ie Subject of investigation) is completing a separate form?

So this was for an agency - post 86, pre poly & investigation initiation. “They” being the employee doing the interview. The investigation was never initiated past this point however.