Psychological Evaluation Cancelled?

I posted in August about receiving a letter asking for further information concerning my mental health history, as stated in my SF-86 (thanks for the responses on that by the way). I answered the letter and sent them the required information, and on September 30th 2019, they requested a psychological evaluation. I signed the consent form and sent it back the same day, but I haven’t heard anything since (the letter said they would be setting up a date and time). Does it normally take this long to set up an evaluation, or could they have cancelled the order? I tried calling my investigator this past week and left a message, but I never received a call back. Should I try calling them again? I don’t want to bother them, and I know the government can be slow. I’m just concerned because I assumed that the evaluation would be setup shortly after I sent the consent form.

First of all, it is unlikely that the investigator would know anything about this.

Second, nothing happens quickly. Whereas the investigator might be a contractor, the psych eval will almost certainly done by a government person, or at the very least, a contractor in a government facility. Probably the same people doing psych eval for applicants for direct hire positions. In other words, it is hardly surprising that you have not heard back yet. Hang in there.

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