Medical Evaluatiopn by Psychologist

I got a job offer in Oct. 2017, filled out my paperwork in Nov. 2017 and went over my paperwork with an investigator in Feb. 2018. No word since then other than January 2019 when I had to sign a release form. I just got an email from a security specialist at the agency I am hoping to work for (DLA). The email said my investigation is closed and in adjudication and being reviewed by the Consolidated Adjudications Facility. They are requesting that I undergo a medical evaluation by a psychologist. Any idea what that evaluation entails? Is just a standard psych eval? This is my first time going through a security clearance so I am not sure if this is normal or if there is something they didn’t like in my paperwork. The clearance level is Secret.

Standard at the TS level, I have not heard of it for Secret, but each program has its own requirements. I would go and enjoy it. You would already know if you had issues in that area.