Psychology Eval Canceled before follow up Polygraph?

I was offered a conditional employment offer with DIA and have been in the process of completing my background check and CI polygraph. Prior to my polygraph I was told that I would be required to take a psychological evaluation in order to gain employment and asked to complete some paper work. I submitted the necessary paper work and then had a polygraph exam which did not go so well. I was asked to come in on a later date to complete the polygraph examination and was told by the polygrapher that I had passed the second attempt.

The issue is that prior to the follow up polygraph, I received a cryptic email from an individual with the Psychological Assessment Division which stated “At this time you are no longer required to participate in a psychological assessment for employment.” From my understanding the psychological evaluation is required for employment with DIA.

I still have yet to hear back from adjudication and it has been approximately 16 business days since the second polygraph. However, has a decision already been made regarding my employment? Is this decision unrelated to my polygraph?

(Apologies if these are two separate questions. Any information helps.)

My guess, and it is only a guess, is that DIA requires to clear the poly before the psych eval. When you got inconclusive/“fail”/whatever on your first test they automatically stopped your psych eval until they receive notification that you pass

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2 years waiting on a adjudication. Wishing you the best

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Thanks for the replies. I guess I’ll just have to gear up for the “Long Wait.”

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