Public Intoxication Charge after FJO and no FSO Contact

I was granted my FJO the day after I received a public intoxication charge. I tried contacting my HR representative and my hiring manager regarding whether there was an FSO contact and I was told there was no means for me to report anything to an FSO as I have not started my job yet. My start date is fast approaching and I was told by my lawyer that my case could be dismissed before my start date.

My question: Given that that I do not have a means to report this charge and this case is likely to be dismissed quickly, is the best course of action for me to report this to my FSO on my first day? And would this count as a mitigating factor?

Report it your first day.

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Thank you for the reply. Just for more clarity - it looks like my first week is an onboarding / introduction week. Even if I were to report this, could HR use this as a suitability issue and rescind my offer or would admitting it to an SSO / FSO prevent this?

That is something no one in here can answer because we don’t have enough information.

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