Public Trust and Foreign Influence

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For non derogatory cases such as foreign connections, I figure there is no objective answer to individual cases nor can there be accurate comparisons unless you happen to find someone in very alike circumstances for the exact same employer in the same department.

These would be highly unique situations. As always I recommend over reporting vice any attempt to re frame a situation in the positive. Don’t hide ANY foreign influence. That will be seen as a lack of candor. And a serious one at that. Situations involving foreign influence will normally be adjudicated unfavorably if one appears to equivocate on the relationship. If it is sexual, so be it. State it and be truthful. If there is a foreign intelligence connection you are not aware of…break ties. We are all subject to being used by a foreign service. And yes they do use the “honey” trap.

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The “honey pot” didn’t go away after the Cold War?