Public trust and wife currently out of status

I am applying to positions that require a sf-85p. Can I still pass public trust monderate risk if my wife is currently out of status? My understanding is public trust is not a security clearance. Been married 2 years and filed i130, I 485 right away but system so slow with COVID.

No idea how it affects clearance/public trust but hopefully you are working with an immigration lawyer so you don’t suddenly find out you have to go back to step 1 and start all over again. This happened to a coworker some years back and his wife actually had to return to her homeland while things got sorted out (at great expense of time and money and stress).

Oh that is not an issue thankfully,we filed for adjustment of status over 2 years ago, just waiting on USCIS before they took forever now the delays and backlogs seems so much worst.

Yeah I cant remember the details but something like she applied for the green card here but then decided to go home and apply at the embassy as well when it was taking “too long” and that’s when it all fell apart. I think they got some bad advice.