Tier 4 public trust

I was offered a job with corecivic who are federally contracted, I completed my sf85p. My background is clean I am a veteran that has been out for 6 years now. I was married briefly from end of 2014 but we separated in late 2016 when I got out the service and cut all communication with one another. Last summer we initiated the divorce papers so I do plan on divorcing her. Few days ago I was sent a LOI for my spouse because they couldn’t verify her information. apparently she is here under daca, she came to the states at age 9 and we met in our teens so legal status were never discussed between us I had no idea she wasn’t a citizen so I was shocked. I answered all the questions that were asked in the LOI but my question is will this have an effect on my clearance.

CoreCivic is a major DHS-ICE contractor. If your job is on an ICE contract, yes, the lawful status of your spouse is a concern.

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got you. is daca considered unlawful even though she has a social security number, files taxes and is allowed to work here legally.