Public Trust Clearance - After promotion

I’ve worked for a really small federal agency for the last 12 years. I was recently promoted and officially started in the new position a couple of weeks ago. Just last week, after starting, I was surprised with the need to undergo a Public Trust Clearance (non-critical/sensitive, I believe) and am currently completing the e-QIP. I’ve had some significant credit issues in the last 4 years (judgments), some resolved, some not. I will outline it all of course - but I don’t believe I will ultimately pass. Looking for opinions: Will I get fired or perhaps, best case, just returned to a non-sensitive position?

I’d like to offer, there was nothing offered in the JOA or other information, that the Public Trust background check would be required for the promotion. It’s a recent change that others promoted before me did not have to go through. If I’d known, I don’t believe I would have applied.

Reason for the debt and what you are doing to resolve them are what is looked at, as well as any direct correlation to the position you are working in. If you fully disclose everything and show you are proactively working to address them you should be fine.