Public trust & Intern Positions?

Hi all, I have been offered a public trust SF-85P internship. I used weed a couple of times last November, have never used before or since. No interest in messing up my life by lying, just trying to figure out if I am up for an auto-deny once I submit. I’m guessing this is the case…

I doubt you would be automatically denied. A “public trust” is not a security clearance, but even for security clearances the standards keep changing in terms of what they seem to be willing to accept. You say this is for an internship, are you in college? There’s also some added “tolerance” for youthful indiscretion.

That’s not to say you will have no problems… there are different levels of public trust, and some might be more sensitive than others… but I doubt very much you would be ‘automatically’ rejected.

Not a show stopper unless a specific agency policy.