Public trust investigation

I am having a public trust investigation done using the SF 85p form. I was terminated from my first professional job in 2014 after completing gaduate school. I changed a document without permission and it was deemed as unacceptable conduct (falsification). This is my only black mark for the entire sf85p form. Was a dumb choice but it happened and I moved on. Will that job termination make me fail the investigation with a position with the airforce as a contractor?

Fail? No . . . No one action or incident will cause you to fail. How much trouble it causes you will depend on the exact circumstances of the incident. It will depend on what the document was, what your change was and so on.

Thanks. I can tell you the document I changed was from a doctor for the number of light duty days given for a work related injury. I changed it from 5 to 15 without asking. When confronted, I lied and said I spoke with someone who told me to change it. That was a lie I told because I got scared of getting caught. When the employer tried to confirm my story, they could not because it was a lie and I was then terminated. Like I said, dumb choice but learned and moved on not to lie or change documents without expressed permission. Knowing the context of why I was terminated, would I be able to pass the public trust investigation at this point? It has been 4 years and 2 months since the event so I must explain it. I have no problem talking about it but if this would cause me to fail the investigation, then I need to withdraw my acceptance of the job as a contractor with the air Force.

It’s impossible to tell but I would guess that you should be ok although it may depend on the department and specific job that you are applying for.

Thank you for the help. I appreciate your insights.