Public Trust - Same Agency, Different Department

I worked for DOT (e.g., FRA) for two years with a public trust clearance. On May 31, 2020, the contract ended and my employment as a contractor. Recently, a company submitted my resume to DOT but under a different department (e.g., NTSB). Will I need to submit another application for public trust clearance under the different department?

Thank you!

If you asked this question a month ago, I would have said, yes, you’ll need to submit a new application but they might be able to pick up your existing public trust.

But somebody just the other day posted that a new employer was able to transfer their clearance without the employee having to fill out a new SF-86/eQIP or SF-86c.

Maybe yours will be as simple as that!

Your break in service is under the threshold guideline, and, pending security checks, they might use your most recent, favorably adjudicated investigation.

Despite reciprocity guidelines, reciprocity is not guaranteed. So, be prepared to fill out a new SF if need be.

Thank you. If I may add on to my question:

I’ve just been made an offer that will start a Public Trust clearance process once I sign. Another company sent my resume in for a more favorable position with another agency (this is the agency in my first post) but has yet to make me an offer.

If I was to accept the first offer, and then in 2 weeks decide to take the more favorable offer, what would need to happen in the Public Trust clearance process?