Question About Poly Results

Had a CI poly done recently and the proctor said that overall it was good but that my breathing was “erratic” (I guess I was too conscious of my breathing and that read as trying to control it?) and that there were 2 questions that showed a noticeable spike, one of which was “Have you ever lied to your boss about your performance?” I’m still waiting to hear back from the alphabet agency so this might be a moot point but I’m curious.

The answer I gave was no and that is the truth; I’ve never lied to any of my bosses about my performance. But have I EVER lied to a boss? OF COURSE. Never about anything of consequence or significance and never about anything that would put anyone in any degree of danger, be it physical, financial, or otherwise. But sure, about small non-issue stuff, yes. And I think that is what messed me up: I got in my own head about the whole thing.

The question is, if they call me back for another round, should I clarify? Is it worth it to go into greater detail?

I’m not going to tell you what to say or how to answer, but keep in mind that it is just such a situation where people can get themselves into trouble by overthinking things.

Anyway see if they want to call you back; could be the results are just fine.

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I wonder if I could blame “erratic breathing” on being overweight since that is a known symptom lol

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As a fat man, I approve this message.

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