Question about security clearance.

I have applied for security clearance and I got an answer with SOR/GUIDELINE B. Can anyone tell me what to do from this point? should I get a lawyer, if so,any recommendation and about how much it cost? Thanks.

The SOR’s I have seen specifically delineate the reasons under this guideline causing the denial. Is that the only information you received? Hard to give an answer to something where we do not know what we are dealing with. We can look up Guideline B and speculate, but you can cut to the chase and tell us.

I’m sure that you received far more information than you are indicating here. The SOR doesn’t just say “Guideline B”, it outlines the specific issues that made the adjudicator think that you are subject to foreign influence. The paperwork that is included also tells you what steps you can take (hint: these are time dependent). The guidelines are included and Guideline B lists the factors which could mitigate the issue described.

So, you likely already know what the concern is. You can hire a lawyer but we can’t give you any idea of your chances to mitigate this issue if we don’t know what the issue is.