Question about SF-312

I am going to deploy next week as a Linguist but I just got a weird feeling about something. One of my company agent had me sign the SF-312 and I was wondering that if you dont have a clearance then you dont sign the SF312. Am I wrong? Please shed some lights on this. FYI my investigation has been closed in Feb 2018.

@Marko Can you help me out?

What are you asking? If your FSO had you sign a nondisclosure form that means he was notified that you were cleared. Why don’t you just ask him and clarify?

@Marko Thanks for the reply. He is not responding. Someone told me that I am going to deploy thats why they wanted to have my sign before deployment in case my case gets adjudicated. Is it true?

After all my time researching how security clearances work, I have always heard that if you sign a SF-312 then that means you’re good to go. A lot of times, people are granted eligibility for a clearance and sign the non-disclosure only when that person has a need to handle classified material.

You say you’re deploying… well I would call that a need, hence why you signed. If you have any more questions I would continue to try and reach out to your FSO as they would be more of a help than us.

Good luck.

Thank you @baker39466 . Yes I talked to couple of the agents but I am seems to go nowhere so I will just wait for their answer. One guy told me that you are deploying and in case your case gets adjudicated then they dont have to chase you down for signing the SF-312 but I dont know if this is true or not.

I called my FSO but he is not responding at all so I will just wait.

Hey it’s me again, been a while since I have been on here. I received my non disclosure agreement too but wanted to know if I got my clearance. Also my debt has been near completed. Saw my last posts on here seems to be some what negative. But I’m ok with that. Just need confirmation if this is a golden to ticket to save my career in the military.

@baker39466 have you found any accurate information how does SF312 work? My FSO is telling me that I dont have clearance yet. I dont understand.