Question for Marko concerning Clearances OPM vs. DOD


Hello Marko, I was wondering if a OPM granted SSBI translates to a DoD Secret clearance. My JPAS shows my previous DoD clearance as out of scope however, I have had an active OPM SSBI and PR completed recently with a read on for TS and Q. Does OPM use JPAS and does recripority apply (sorrow for the SP)....


OPM uses CVS as their data repository and it receives information from JPAS so you can see clearances not done by OPM. However, it does not work in reverse, JPAS does not receive clearance information from CVS. Per reciprocity if you were granted a TS via an OPM conducted SSBI or PPR it should be accepted across the federal government. The issue is that it will have to be communicated via a visit authorization letter from the granting agency to whoever is trying to verify the clearance.