Questions about my 2nd 5 year TS/SCI reinvestigation

Hello. I have questions for an investigator related to my 2nd 5 year TS/SCI reinvestigation, which is taking place right now. I received a TS/SCI clearance in 2004 in the military. After leaving, I became a contractor. My first five year reinvestigation was completed in January 2009. I let the clearance expire in January 2014, as I took a job in the civilian sector. In April, 2015, I received an offer for a job requiring a TS/SCI clearance, I took it and was hired. I am still waiting for my start date, which the offer letter said would be “on or around May 20th (2015)”. The company checked JPAS records and said the clearance could be renewed, and that I would just have to have a five year reinvestigation immediately upon hire. That is taking place right now. I would like to ask an investigator whether or not they think it will go through. This is the reason. I have $30,000 on my credit cards. I was unemployed from May 2014 to April 2015 and ran upon financial hardship. When I began my last job, in March 2014, I was $16000 in credit card debt. Even with that, my credit score was a 756. In two months, from March to May, 2014, I payed the cards down to $10000, but then was laid off in May 2014, and now the balance is $30000. I stopped using the cards several months ago. I haven’t been late on a credit card payment in the last 5 years. I am current on all my other bills. With all this said, and I know it’s a lot of information, thank you for your patience, do you actually think I still have a chance of getting my TS/SCI security clearance renewed, or am I wasting my time. I know how valuable security clearances are, which is why I chose this opportunity. Also, aside from that, my record is clean. In the future, I will do everything in my power to make sure I do not ever again have to use my credit cards like that. I will plan, and save. Thank you very much for your time.

An investigator is not who you should be asking as they only gather the information for the ROI. An adjudicator is the one who will look at all of the information, take into consideration mitigating factors, and then determine whether any issues of concern still remain. The amount of debt an individual has is not a factor unless there is a huge debt versus income ratio, which would indicate an illegal source of income or the potential of an inability to repay the debts. If as you say, you are current on all of your bills then that is a plus for you, although you may still have to answer questions about it.

Thank you Marko. I apologize for the late response. I thought I had things set up to where I would receive an email every time someone added a reply to my question, but there must have been an error in there somewhere. I also apologize for directing my question to the inappropriate personnel. With that said, thank you for the encouraging words. I am current on all bills and I haven’t had anything turned over to collections in over 7 years. I would be more than happy to answer questions from an investigator directed at my credit card debt, and would very much like to have that opportunity. Have a nice evening.