Quitting while in adjudication

What happens with a pending clearance if someone leaves a job requiring a clearance while it is in adjudication?

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If the adjudicating agency is made aware prior to rendering a decision, this would result in loss of jurisdiction. So the case wouldn’t be adjudicated, but another agency could request the investigation for adjudicating the file at a similar level. This might happen if you apply to another job shortly after quitting a job that sponsored your clearance application.

If the timing is off and the clearance is favorably adjudicated prior to the agency being aware of loss of jurisdiction, I think this would play out as though you got the clearance then left. So the clearance would remain current for 2 years and could be picked up by another sponsor.

It goes into loss of jurisdiction, meaning you no longer have sponsorship for a clearance. If you apply for another job later that requires a security clearance, the matter then has to be resolved.

How does that get resolved? Who has to send what to DOD CAF to request an adjudication?