random call from background check company.

I got a random call from someone claiming to be doing the back ground check. It was kind of odd getting a call vs an email first from an verifiable domain, saying you will receive a call from one of our agents, that will be asking you a few questions.

My first contact by an investigator in every investigation has been by phone. It seems weird that the actual investigator didn’t call but someone claiming an investigator WILL call. Did you recently submit a SF86/85? Are you waiting for an investigator to call you?

DId they just call to set up an in-person interview? Or did they start asking you questions over the phone?

If they just start doing the interview over the phone, that would be a little odd.

Re-Investigations that have minor issues are being done over the phone.

feed back from someone at work who went through the process mentioned its standard for them to call. just strange to me with all the scam calls I would think they would send an email from a trusted domain.

100% normal. Email use is supposed to be limited for privacy purposes. Even if I have to email, it is just a generic message asking you to call me. If you still have doubts, ask the investigator for their badge number and call the verification team.

Completely normal. Ive even recieved a random call for reference for one of my friends from school. My investigator randomly called me and texted me (since I have no signal at work). It is random but not always a scam. If anything you can verify their identity if need be using the hotline from NBIB i believe.

You guys know that these aren’t “random” . . . . Right?

yes the use of random in my response was diliberate so OP understands that it seems random but infact isnt. while it is scheduled on the recieving end its random no doubt about it.

I have sent numerous emails asking for a call back, only received on. Calling is still the best way to contact someone.

Maybe not, but when someone submitted the paperwork in 2016, it can seem random.

right plus with all the scam phone calls (my block number list probably has over 100 numbers, and my spam email folder always has a fresh round of emails, although I emptied it the other day I already have 74 emails!) you would think they would send an email from a trusted, verified domain. or rout calls through a verified number with caller id. these things help validate email sender and random caller.

according to the person a local investigator should be calling or doing an onsite interview, if person comes with any strange questions, that would be very strange, I’m squeaky clean! no drugs, no scrapes with the law, no law called for any type of domestic issues, no DWI or PI etc. anyway I will see! thx for all the feedback!