Fraudulent texts?

I am in the beginning of a federal background check for a job. Someone sent a text to my phone asking me to call various agencies about information that may be incorrect. After calling around I was asked to get the agents name. I texted this “agent” back to find out who they were. They gave me a false name and told me to call a local police department. All said and done this “agent”, who did not identify themselves as an agent. Only told me to call around about my federal background. Was not real. Not sure if this individual committed a crime? Should i report this? Will it slow my investigation? Not alot of proof on who it was. But some digging would find them quite easily. Thoughts?

The text did state it was regarding my investigation and included instructions. Could this be construed as impersonating a federal officer?

An NBIB agent or contract investigator are required to identify themselves. Texts should only be used by an investigator to ask you to call them. Reporting your concerns will not slow down your investigation.