Relationship background checks

I was hoping to clarify wether or not a web or email address was legit and if there is a place to check authenticity of an agent and his identification code number.
I would like to make sure the new person in my life is who they say they are since we’ve met online.
Thank you

Unclear what you are asking. Are you dating a background investigator?

Oh, :slight_smile: no sorry.
I am becoming involved with an agent, he has given me an email address to email and an agent I’d number to send with a request for a background check and manual. I want to know if it’s legit. Or how to find out. Who can tell me, or such things.
Thank you for your time.

Also, I have conflicting reasons and he did send me a picture of his photo ID but other things I’m just unsure about.
I appreciate your time and expertise greatly.

Still unclear what you’re asking, but the investigator verification number is 888-795-5673.

You said you getting involved with an investigator. That means you are dating. No one here can help you if you don’t state what you need

I met somebody online
He is in military and NSA

I just want to verify somehow that he is who he says he is before getting more involved.

Is there somewhere to check military &/or NSA employee authenticity by their identification code #?

If so, where / how?

The email was to request a form for background check and a manual.

These items came in the return email response to me asking for them.

However, I have found one of the photos of this person on a social media page of some body else.

But he has sent me photo I’d picture when asked and it has the face and name that match who I believe to be speaking with.

Half the things about this this guy do add up legit.

Some other things seem not to.

I want to be certain.

That’s all.

I have his identification code # from the email he had me send requesting background check form.

I just want to find out if this is a real person , who really works where he says and does what he says he does for a living. And that the face in the photos is the person I’m speaking with.

Can this be done given that he works in NSA? If so , how?

The dating part is true
He’s not an ‘investigator’ however

I’d also be concerned about someone telling others they work for No Such Agency.


Thank you for all your help
I will certainly begin there

Also, am I correct in thinking that the military DoD I’d #'s are 10 digits?

And about the switching of phone service to post paid to link it to a non leakage line. Is that something scammers have you do? Or should I take that as authentic do you think?

My phone bill does not show strange activity since.

If it wasn’t for the fact that that one photo was found by Google search to part of another person’s social media page, I wouldn’t be so concerned.

And this just happens to be my very first online dating experience. Ha

You all are awesome, and greatly appreciated!

It appears you are being catfished… please proceed with caution.

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This sounds off… military personnel or NSA employees are normal people.
If they’re asking you to do special things for them, then you are most likely being scammed.


Actually, photocopying any government identification including showing it via video chat/Skype is prohibited. I believe that you can be criminally charged for that.

As for asking their MOS and the code, I don’t believe that it can be voluntarily given for the purpose of verification.

Diana, I do not believe this is the forum to address your questions. I am not sure what is the proper venue for you… Your concerns and questions are justified as it is rather tough.

You’ve already called out a few red flags. I would probably steer clear of this one. He could be what he says he is, though it’s suspicious someone would openly say they work for Military / NSA to someone they barely know on a dating site. That sounds more to me like someone is trying to pump themselves up. I’m thinking of the guy in the movie “True Lies” who was a sleazy used car salesman but had the wife of Schwarzenegger’s character believing he was some exciting, clandestine agent. But I digress.

Also, sending you a pic of his government ID as “proof” of his employment is also suspect. That, of course, can easily be faked - especially if a pic of an ID is being emailed. He may have found the picture online of someone (or maybe it’s someone he knows) and pasted it onto the ID.

I suggest you block him and move on. If it’s only your first online dating experience, you’ll find another that doesn’t raise the red flags.


Great movie reference.

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Thank you to all of you.
So helpful and wonderful. :slight_smile:

You guys are greatly appreciated!


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