Received Investigation. Have “issue notification”

I got my background Investigation record after requesting it.

The last page is an “Issue Notification”.

I’m trying to understand my file, especially the “issue notification”.

Can anyone help me read or understand it?


what was the issue notification code? if nothing is there - then there were no “issues”.

I tried to include a picture of the page I’m talking about. I’m not sure if it went through.

I don’t see anything that’s labeled as an “issue code”. What am I looking for?

There would be a number, letter, or combination under issue notification. If the area is blank, there are none.

I don’t see that. It’s a full page and the title at the top says “Issue Notification”

I have a few other lines on different pages that say “issue(s)”
The codes there are;
P, R, and I

Those are not issue codes. You apparently don’t have any issue codes.

Is there a way I can email you privately?

This site isn’t letting me load up pictures of what I’m trying to describe to you.

Are these issue codes?
01A, 02B, 04C, 05A, 07B, 11

Almost forgot, you can google “Credentialing, Suitability, and Security Clearance Decision-Making Guide”, that might help understand your case.

I know nothing about these codes or your life, so take this with a grain of salt.
But it seems like the numbers are categories, and letters (A,B,C,D) are the severity of the problems, A being the least severe.

So if I had to guess:

  • A drinking related event (arrested for being drunk in a public place ?)
  • Regular use of weed and/or infrequent use/possession of other drugs.
  • A sexual misconduct ? (that might be the hardest thing to overcome here)
  • Some ‘non-important’ honesty related issue (deception or false statement, maybe during your interview?)
  • Some employment misconduct
  • Some security related incident maybe ? (security violation, previous clearance denial…)

A bunch of these could be stemming from a single event at your workplace?

Ok. Some of those can make sense.
Nope. No issues in the workplace. I have an outstanding 15 year record actually. I was accused of some stuff so someone could save-face. As part of that they (OSI) confiscated my phone and saw joking text messages about drugs. (Never failed a drug test - 9 on record - or had a nexus between drug use and work performance. No one states they’ve seen me use drugs and the people I was joking with were never interviewed.) nothing against me has any evidence of validity. My agency is just trying to push me out to use me as an example. It’s been an ongoing issue for 3.5 years because they have nothing and don’t want to admit they were wrong. They’re trying to push me out through attrition…but I’m stubborn and refuse to accept defeat when I’m innocent.

The “Issue Notification” page states in the remarks section at the bottom…”Please continue this case. Agency will be notified of developed issues. OPM is to assume that this case should continue unless otherwise notified by the SOI”

Does that mean I won’t be adjudicated and they’re awaiting more info from my agency? My agency has no further info and I know they just want me to never be adjudicated and just “go away”.

I had a triggered personal interview back In February this year (2019) and I got to read his notes in this report. There’s nothing negative written about me.

Hopefully an investigator or adjudicator can chime in.

I’m just speculating since I’m not familiar with their terms, but the

  • Please continue this case
  • Agency will be notified of developed issues
  • OPM is to assume that this case should continue unless otherwise notified by the SOI

seems to indicate that the investigation/adjudication should proceed unless you expressly give-up yourself.

Looking at your other post, it sounds like you’ve been in adjudication since May, so they may have gathered all the info they needed (provided that the adjudicator didn’t kick the case back for more investigation…)

What’s unclear to me is if you are still employed by them.
If not, and they terminated you before adjudication, you’d probably be in a ‘loss of jurisdiction’ situation.
If you still are employed, it might just be a matter of time before you are adjudicated.

One sure thing, stay out of trouble and keep fighting until this unadjudicated derogatory information/incident is fully adjudicated (favorably or not). Otherwise you may have a hard time getting back into any cleared position…

I’ve been suspended without pay for almost 13 months now. They kept this over my head until I spoke out about something, then they suspended me to keep me at bay.

They’ve asked me to just walk away a few times, and even offered to submit a “Reconsideration Letter” to the CAF if I left.

I didn’t fall for that bribe, I’m aware that if I leave I become out of jurisdiction.

My only worry is that maybe they’re trying to keep my clearance from being adjudicated somehow…keeping me in like an indefinite holding pattern.

I’ve written my congressman and still awaiting a response.

All I want is to be adjudicated fairly, and if I’m to lose, so be it, and if I win, just go back to work and be left alone to do my job.

OP, out of curiosity, when did you request your BI? I sent my request in back in mid-September and still haven’t gotten it from NBIB/DCSA.

How illegal is it for an organization to use a clearance as leverage?

Not sure what “OP” means.

But I requested mine in late Sept/Early Oct if I remember correctly.

I wrote my senator around the same time. My senator is still digging around.