Reciprocity of CIA clearance?

Does anyone know what agencies accept the CIA TS/SCI FS Poly clearance? I’m under the impression that only NSA will not accept it but for others the transfer should work.

No one is going to be able to help you on this site. Your best bet is to contact that place and ask directly. Did they not extend an offer to you after you were successfully processed?

They did but there are no positions currently on their contract that match my skill set so im just waiting at this point with this company. Im looking at other options.

All of the IC world…is…somewhat incestuous, meaning they only trust the clearances given by their people. All of them will be able to view your previous clearances, poly dates etc. If you are in scope, they may use some, all, or none of your previously completed BI. It is a bit of a mockery for reciprocity, but each claims due diligence based on national security threat. Make sure your company understands your clearance can be viewed in scattered castles, not jpass. The castles are literally the domains of each group within the IC. Each has its own drawbridge and “guy at the bridge” challenging you to a sword fight. “It’s just a flesh wound…”

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I’m guessing you had a perfectly clean record to be done with that process so fast, especially with the agency at hand. That’s insane, congratulations are in order

What about CIA to DOD transfer?

The answer lies somewhere in the category of “it depends.” If you are trying to get a job with a contractor, it depends on their security manager, and their customer’s security manager. I can recall cases where things like this went pretty easily for one program and not very easily at all for another.

I think it is going to vary a lot. But it is not impossible that somebody will pick it up.

They would require access to the same system CIA uses, Scattered Castles I believe. The SAP world uses their own system as does State further complicating the move from one to the other. The Intell agencies can conduct a JPASS check to move from JPASS, but at times a security manager must be specific and tell them to check JPASS. I too would be interested in learning how to get them to move something from SC back to JPASS. SC is likely on a TS network. JPASS is not. Or at least not for most of industry.