Redacted resume

Not sure which category to put this in, but I have a question from a job seeker. He asks “when working in DOD how do you apply for jobs when most of your professional work must be redacted? how do you apply when you cannot say what your accomplishments are?” Interested to hear from other job seekers about how they handled something like this.

Just like those that transition from the military to civilian careers, translation of terms, acronyms and information is required. You can list skills and experience and only include in unclassified generic terms who you worked for. Go here for an example resume’:

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Certain cleared clients require you to submit your resume to them for approval. So there are ways to speak to classified programs and work without compromising classified. Compilation can be an issue where one speaks to several pieces of unclassified material but it can be put together with other pieces to form classified material.

I will say it is hard to transition military titles to civilian understanding. Even going over it with a fine tooth comb…a professional is well worth the price. Changing styles in resume writing will stump even the most diligent military types.

Many will imply it is not acceptable or legal to reference a clearance. Not true. At all.