Reinvestigation - passport copy

I recently had my interview for TS reinvestigation. They asked me for copies of all passport pages. Is this typical? Yes, I’ve traveled a bit and everything has been listed on the sf86. But seemed strange when none of my colleagues have been asked for similar.

Some cases require passport reviews for many various reasons.


When another investigator took a look at mine, we noticed I had a missing entry in my SF86 regarding a trip. I don’t believe they had any clue otherwise :wink:

So maybe in your case they are aware of something you missed, or maybe they just want to look at all entry stamps to substantiate your claims.

Normal but not standard for every investigation.

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I had a reference mis-remember the dates of a trip that I took which triggered a passport review to confirm

Not unusual…many countries don’t stamp on cruises so mine had no memory joggers for me and I cruised a lot.