Renewal PIV and Fingerprinting

I have been a Federal employee for about 5 years now. I am now in the process of renewing my PIV card for access to federal buildings. I have been asked so far by the badging office to complete an OF 8 form and a form 306. On the 306 form, I fully disclosed that I had been recently arrested in December 2018 and charged with a DUI. I completed a Form 85 5 years ago. I was also upfront that I was fighting the charges with a hired lawyer. I disclosed fully that this DUI issue has not been resolved for there is a pending DUI trial for this case postponed to June 2021, because of Covid. So, it has been a little over 2 years since the date of the incident for this recent DUI.

About 10 days ago, I was asked by the badging office to complete a fingerprint check. I did. I was told my PIV card will be come in about a week or two. I was wondering how long this might really take? I was also wondering the meaning of a fingerprint check. When I go online I read about an FBI check too. Is it the same thing too? My co-workers did not go through the fingerprint check for their renewal PIV. I am guessing I did because of the DUI. Can the fingerprint check result in a denial? Note: I have already disclosed the only outstanding item in my record which is the DUI.

Renewal of the PIV card generally includes updating your fingerprints, this is a normal part of the process for most agencies. However, you should be aware of the self-reporting requirements (SEAD 3) for every person holding a clearance. Hopefully, you reported the DUI event in December 2018, to your Security Office, when it happened - as this is a self-reporting requirement. If not, you will likely need to explain the DUI event in full AND explain why you did not report it as required.
The fingerprint check should reveal the DUI and the DUI along with your explanation (of the event and reasoning as to why you did not alert security - if applicable) will be adjudicated. No way to tell if your clearance would be denied due to these circumstances. Only the adjudicator working on the case can really tell you that. Your security office may be able to give you a better idea, than anyone here, as they know the details of your clearance requirements and agency standards.

Thank you for this response. It is a non sensitive position by the way.

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It is agency specific as to reporting requirements for nonsensitive postions. One DUI will not cause an issue for a PIV or CAC renewal. Generally, criminal history checks are required within 6 months of any PIV or CAC renewal or reissance.

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