Report Foreign Relatives?

I have family on my mother’s side that live in Sri Lanka. My mother keeps in somewhat close contact with a couple of them. Aside from the odd ‘hi, good to hear from you hope you are well’ when my mom is chatting with them on the phone (this happens maybe once every one to two months) I do not engage and talk to them at all.

The last I interacted with them in any meaningful manner was in 2008 when I visited the country.

My question is, do I need to include them as foreign contacts on my SF-86?

I would. They may not be meaningful contacts to you - but they are close family contacts and in that context better to report and have the investigator write them out than not and have to explain.

I have a distant Uncle in Australia I continue to report (I respond to an odd mass email he sends with news every now and then), but the investigators have always found him to be a meaningful contact - hopefully that helps.

In a nutshell, yes. Report. Doesnt hurt. Goes to honesty.