Reporting Jobs with Significant time Breaks

I am applying for a Secret clearance and filling out the employment section, a time period that includes college. During this time, I worked both summer jobs that I left at the end of summer and returned to after the end of the academic year, as well as university jobs that I left at the end of the academic year but returned to at the end of the summer. Do I report these as separate instances (e.g. Summer Job 2016 and Summer Job 2017) or as the same job (e.g. Summer Job 2016-2017)?

No breaks allowed.

If you weren’t working, you were unemployed.

report them as two separate employment periods.

if your worked the same employer - list the most recent on the SCA then add the other time periods under that entry (eQip will allow this). You want to show you weren’t there September through May in other words.

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