Request for Clarification - Fingerprinting and SF85


Suitability Clearance for being a vendor at an Air Force Base is needed for me.

  • Dismissed (without prejudice) D. Violence charge from 2018 (being arrested by definition).
  • A temporary civil restraining order in place since Dec. 2019,due to family strife. I chose to move away and live separately and the TRO will be dismissed later this year

The former is not relevant to questions 9 /11 in Form 3206, however the latter will have to be disclosed in form 3206, since the TRO is current

-Excellent credit and employment records

Will the above adversely affect my clearance?

Need to get fingerprinting done and am of the understanding that it needs to “cleared”. What does cleared fingerprinting entail?

Any guidance or comments would be appreciated.

Thanks to all

Any crime that you were involved with where fingerprints were taken will be reported and part of your investigation. I believe for most if not all issues, fingerprint cards are uploaded to an FBI database which the adjudication process has access to. On your eQuip, within the timeframe requirements You should list all situations you were processed for: whether still ongoing, dismissed, expunged, or convicted.

The restraining order will be an issue that needs resolution. You will need to list it on the eQuip and be ready to provide all details about the situation. Stating that you moved away from it won’t release you from the responsibility of it in the World of background investigations.

If at all possible, get it resolved quickly, within legal, but safe bounds. Be prepared to provide sources knowledgeable of the situation along with all case detail.

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At the outset, thank you much.

It is quite heartening to get such responses from folks like you.

I have been asked to complete SF85 on e-quip besides, 3206 for Fed. employment.
e-quip, pending submittal after submitting my fingerprints and being cleared for the same.

  • The online SF85 on e-qip doesn’t pose questions to be answered relevant to my concerns.

  • The 3206 does have, as you will know questions pertaining to my concerns, particularly #11, which addresses current charges if any.

I am of the understanding that these charges can be dropped by my family. Will that help.? Will i be right to assume that it ought to be done prior to submitting any form / fingerprints. I wasn’t arrested but just served a civil TSO.

Alas, thanks again, and i wish you well

If an interview is triggered as a result of what you included on the SF 85 or because of information discovered during the course of the investigation anything you have been charged with during the coverage timeframe will need to be discussed.

There are additional questions that have to be covered when interviewed that aren’t on the form which deal with domestic violence and restraining orders among other things.

Your best bet is to report the issues on the form and be ready to discuss that information.

I presume you are well.

I am pleased to let you know that i did get a CAC card. I also got a DoD laptop for work with USAF as a contractor

I haven’t heard anything about the final outcome or status of the Tier -1 investigation for me.

Would i be correct in assuming that all this is temporary until the final outcome of the Tier 1 investigation?

I would appreciate your thoughts, at your convenience.

Wish you well.