Retired but bored

I’m a 30 years retired Deputy Sheriff, the last 9 years as a Detective I really enjoyed my job and now that I’m retired I’m bored. I’m 57 yoa and in good shape just tying to keep in the know. Any ideas for full time or part time work in the same field as law enforcement.


Retired law enforcement (mostly Correction Officers) often go to DHS (ICE/CBP) and work in transportation of detainees. G4S was the main contract company and they sold to Allied Universal who currently holds the contract.

US Marshals Service has some contract positions you might be interested in. Normally working static security/magnetometers around the federal courthouses but I think some have other duties. I think one position was called Court Security Officer, I forget what the others are.

There are also companies that have security contracts for Federal Protective Services performing a similar role.

Also, did you have a specialty as a detective? That could open up a world of possibilities as well.

Thank you for the information

There used to be a lot of opportunities for retired police officers to train foreign law enforcement. Of course these were usually in garden spots around the world like Afghanistan and Iraq, but there are probably still a number of contracts like that. DynCorp used to have a lot of them but who knows how companies have changed over the years.

I guess that might be a little TOO much excitement for some…