S potential Upgrade to TS - same agency

Long story short, my company (I am a contractor) has lost the competitive next phase of our contract. While the lawyers and C-suite folks decide if the decision will be protested, the company taking on our contract naturally has been in coms with incumbent employees.

While I have not made a move yet - there is high likelihood the new organization will want to upgrade my S to a TS. I will be working for the same agency and customer primarily, but under the new contractor, the scope of my work will expand a bit to their internal programs - some of which will require the upgrade (potentially).

A few questions - I will try to keep this short:

  • Will they use the same SF-86 since my original was only 2 years ago (almost to the day)? No new negative events of any kind - though some previous considerations do move from the “last 7 years” to the “ever” sections (I consider this a positive thing).

  • Nothing of any substance has changed since my original SF-86 - nothing bad - not even a parking ticket - but it took 12 months to get my S (and that was just a year ago now - I did have an interim by some anomaly I can’t fully understand - which was awesome).

I am concerned that stirring the pot at this relatively recent point since my S was granted might land me in hot water and I could lose my S. I have nothing to hide - my SF-86 was forthcoming and honest 100%.

If this comes to fruition, my plan at present is to try and delay the upgrade as long as possible (the current scope of my work would not need the upgrade) to get more cleared time under my belt as a positive attribute.

Just curious as to thoughts. Many thanks to all.

Two years ago it was pretty common for a secret clearance to take a year or more, so that’s nothing unusual.

If I had to guess, I’d say they will want a new SF-86. MAYBE you can get away with an SF-86C which just asks if anything has changed, but my money is on having to fill out a new form. Hopefully it will be eQIP and all your old answers will still be in there. Since you have been cleared the whole time there is a chance they will just take a look at the new SF-86 and not even do any more field work but who knows.

No need to delay, if you ask me (not sure if you did but I’m answering anyway). It is perfectly natural to be nervous about things like this but I don’t see any reason to get too concerned…

…unless they find out about that time with the goat. :slight_smile:

(sorry couldnt resist… its Friday)

The goat was in my applicants comments at then end - clearly they missed it the first time…might erase it now!

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