Secret Clearance duplication

I’m a tribal police officer, working under a 638 contract under the Dept of Interior (BIA). They sent me through a background process that was equivilent to their own officers that require a secret clearance. I received a favorable adjudication and now am applying for a federal job and they require a secret clearance. Is it necessary to go through the whole process again?

Unless your previous background investigation was conducted by the US government, you will need to get the background investigation.

It was done by the US Government/DOI,BIA.

My guess is yes, you’ll have to go through another BI, which for secret level means just filling out the SF-86. If any issues arise from record checks you’ll have to be interviewed by an investigator.

Most of the federal LEO background investigations use the SF-85/85P form which is for sensitive or confidential-level clearances. Any position requiring a secret or above uses the SF-86.

So yes, if you’ve never filled out an SF-86 form you’ll have to go through another background investigation.

I’m almost positive you will at least need to fill out a new SF-86, but possibly they can use the old investigation if it is not too old. It will probably have to be adjudicated by the new agency as well.

So it will take some time either way. Dont quit your job just yet :slight_smile: