Secret Clearance Investigation Transfer

About a year ago, I applied and got selected for a Dept. of the Army civilian position that required a Secret clearance. Recently, I was notified of a withdrawal because an interim could not be granted by their security office. I’m guessing they may have ran investigations on one or two other applicants in case mine wasn’t done fast enough or wasn’t granted and theirs came back with no issues. I had a revocation over ten years ago when I was Active Duty in the Army but, I showed that the debt was mitigated to the investigator for the recent investigation.

I was thinking of applying for another Dept. of the Army position in another state. A friend of mine is the supervisor and he has a position coming up. From what I’ve read on here, investigations can be picked up by another agency or location.

Is there a certain timeline that this has to be done?
Just in case, their FSO hasn’t done this before, is there any recommendations that I communicate to them, so the process goes correctly?