Secret Renewal (Financial ) Looking for some advice

Hello everyone! Been a lurking for a while and am reaching out for some additional advice or information that anyone might be able to provide as far as my situation goes. Currently going up for a renewal of a secret clearance for the Air Force. Also I apologize if the post is a little long just trying to be transparent of what’s going on to receive the best advice as well what I might an expected outcome be as far as a decision.

First clearance was granted in 2013 while I was 17 and getting ready to ship out in June of that year for basic.

No criminal, Drug, Alcohol issues or Tax issues.

Issues stem from financial problems I caused myself due to being irresponsible and having an immature mindset about money. Was a young enlisted member and made little money at the time while living on the west coast. Instead of being responsible I made poor choices.

Had 5 accounts in collections with each amount less then $2500. All accounts are paid and no longer delinquent. Then had two charge offs for a combined amount of about $2,300. Only two collections still appear on reports across the three Credit bureaus showing 0$ balance. I have documentation for all accounts showing paid. Issues were back in 2018-2019. I have had made on time payments for the last three years. Will list every account regardless of showing or not showing on credit report.

After doing some growing up and realizing that having a child like mentality when it comes to money or any major things in your adult life is not the way to go, it has changed my mentality in many aspects of life. At some point in your life you have accept responsibility of your actions and i only wished I had reached that conclusion with my self sooner and probably would have never put my self in that situation in the first place. Currently in a really good spot as far as my finances and it’s been really refreshing try to put that past and issues behind me. I used to be embarrassed by and I’ll admit I still am a little, but I also am motivated to never do that again.

I wanted to take care of these issues not because of my clearance but just to fix my overall situation in life. I am currently engaged getting ready to start a family hopefully soon and I just want someone my future family and wife can look up to and be proud of.

Anyways, just looking for any advice, clearance world or not that one might share their wisdom with. I know that there are about of folks in here that have probably been around the block a time or two that have some great clearance or life advice. Thanks guys!

If all accounts have been paid and no financial problems in the last three years, as long as you are honest and answer all the questions you should be fine. Most issues (except for MAJOR things) are down-graded on the seriousness level every three years from the time of the issue.


Gotcha. Yeah the only thing that is a little frustrating is how things are reported as far as the credit reports go. The one collection went into collection. in 2020 is when the company received it according to my file with them however it moved on and off my report for whatever reason up until feburary of this year and was paid in march but shows no history dating back to 2020. I have documentation of the account being opened with them back then and have disputed the info to hopefully be updated to reflect that. That was the most recent account.

So with a secret clearance an interview with an investigator is not always necessary. If they decide that they want more information about the accounts the investigator will contact you to set it up. Bring all the documentation with you. The investigator will ask you all The Who, what, where, when, and why’s of the account and it will go much smoother if you have the documents with you and can easily provide the info. I would not personally worry too much since you took the responsibility to pay the accounts. I interview many people who have not shown that maturity.


As HR2C stated, you should be fine, you acted responsi ly in addressing the delinquent debts and are current on all accounts. It will not trigger a targeted employee security interview.

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Sounds like you grew up and did the right thing. 3 years old and recovered credit shows you are living correctly. It’s old news. In 2 more years it’s history, after 5 ancient history. It cannot be used to blackmail you. Keep pressing.