Section 18 - Relatives

SF-85P: “Select each type of relative applicable to you, regardless if they are living or deceased. (An opportunity will be provided to list multiple relatives for each type.) Select all that apply.”

List my siblings living overseas? I do not know their address? What should I do?

Either contact them or contact someone else that does know their address (another relative for instance)


You get Christmas cards? Hanukkah? Festival? Kwanzaa? Emails? Does mom or dad? Neighborhood buds? Usually pretty easy unless you disassociate from them in anger and renounce their siblinghood. That happens, but not to the extent one cannot find info from a fave uncle, aunt, sister, brother, etc.

Just put as much of the country/address as you know. You probably don’t send them anything in the mail, but do know their approximate location. Just making sure to note the city/country they are currently residing in.