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I am about to join the Military. Looking to go into a job that requires a high(ish) level of security clearance. I had asthma when I was ten for about six months or so (at least that is what the medical records show). I did not say yes to asthma when I was doing the paperwork for MEPS. At MEPS I do not plan on saying yes. This is due to the fact that it was 10+ years ago over a short period of time. I told my recruiter all of this and he said the people at MEPS will only care if it was after I was 13. So there is no point in putting it on there. During the security clearance paperwork will it ask if I have ever had asthma? Will they look into my medical records to check? If they do could I possibly get kicked out? Should I say yes, on the security clearance paperwork, since I do have medical records for it? If I do, could I get kicked out for “lying” when joining the military? I do not believe I am lying, the doctor said it was asthma, but I am sceptical. I am also not a doctor so what do I know. If none of this matters and I have nothing to worry about ignore the previous questions. If you need any more details to better answer this question let me know.

Thank you!

I’m new here, but I’ve been familiarizing myself with this process a lot in the recent months, so I’m not an expert, but I know a little.

If you look at the SF86 Section 21, it asks about Psychological and Emotional Health. If you were to answer yes to something under that section, you then have to sign an amending form that is at the end of the SF86 that authorizes your medical records to be released. If you don’t sign this form, I’m not sure they’d actually have access to any medical records.

In other words, I would imagine that as long as you had zero issues in MEPS with it, AND have had no Psychological and Emotional Health issues or records, meaning no reason to sign the medical record release form, I would imagine you are going to be okay.

It probably wouldn’t be a horrible idea, however, to pay very close attention to the medicinal questions you are asked in the interview.

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I’m not very familiar with what is asked at MEPs, but my advice would be to provide an honest answer to the questions. If you are asked if you have had asthma in the past 10 years, then the answer is no. Recruiters are notorious for advising applicants to not take the questions literally, or in some cases, outright lie. As for the security clearance paperwork, there are no questions that inquire about medical history. The questions only pertain to mental health.


Thank you. My recruiter hasn’t told me to lie. Just to not answer any questions they don’t ask. You have both answered my questions in full. So again, thank you for the help!

The SF86 will not ask about asthma. The medical question deals with mental and emotional health.


Nothing on the current SF86 asks about Asthma

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