Top Secret Security Question

I enlisted in the military last month and ship out in a week for boot camp. I did not tell MEPS about a broken leg and concussion that happened 2 years ago and do not affect me. However I picked a MOS that requires a Secret clearance and eventually I will need a Top Secret. Do background investigators have access to my MEPS questionnaire? If they see any discrepancies regarding physical injuries will they report them to the military?

So you willingly lied on your military enlistment paperwork and want to continue your lie with your security clearance….SMH.


No I didn’t lie at all on the SF-86. I am just worried they will catch my lie from meps

It will be considered as part of the “Total Person” picture, aka the 13 Adjudicative Guidelines.

Lying on official forms, which typically have a line where you sign stating to the effect “All information is accurate and truthful to THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE” (emphasis mine), is not usually a good idea.

At a minimum, you’ll likely be asked why you willfully lied on your MEPS forms.

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Why should physical injuries matter in a background check?

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