Security Clearance Reviews at Once With Different Agencies

I am about to submit my e-QIP for a DoS FSO clearance review. It seems my candidacy is also moving forward for a USAID FSO position. If DoS begins my review, can USAID do one at the same time? Or will my USAID one be on hold until DoS finishes theirs? Trying to understand if either clearance will delay an offer.

So if you are submitting your eQIP for the State Dept FSO position, I guess that means you have passed all the various stages of the process? If so, that probably took a while. I imagine the USAID position will have a similar timeline. In all likelihood by the time you get to this same stage for the USAID position the first background investigation (review?) will either have completed or be nearly complete so I’ll wager USAID will just wait for that to complete.