Security Clearance to Purchase and Own a Gun in Calif

I have Had Both NON Violent NO Weapon Felonies Lowered to Misdermeanors and then Dismissed. I have Filed Twice my P.F.E.C. Forms the Second Set showing The County Clerks Stamp Regarding Both Charges. Each of which Had been OVER Ten Tears Old. Can I Appeals this Judgement and what Steps are NEEDED ?

You’re on the wrong discussion board. We can’t speak to your specific issue. Go to a firearms-related forum or consult with an attorney.

Yes . . . This board is for discussion of federal government security clearance issues.

You may be able to find a board that is specific to your state. If you go to a board that is national in scope, they will need to know what state your are in and what state the charges were in.

While the advice to consult a lawyer (you may find a gun rights lawyer who will consult with you for no charge) you can try this site. I know nothing about it . . .

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