Security Clearence

I was offered a job at a higher pay without a security clearance. If I was to do a security clearance, I would start at a lower position but with clearance. Which offer is better?

Does working in a cleared position offer a path to growth unavailable with the other offer? Keep in mind the clearance goes with the position not the person. If you did get clearance eligibility, can you grow to higher levels of trust and other classified projects paying equal to the non cleared position? Are they both contract slots, if so where is each position in option years? Different ways to think about it. Is one more fulfilling than the other? Are you currently living up to the standards for a national security position? Were you in the past? Will you in the future? If you had recent recreational drug use or your finances were challenged, I recommend going the uncleared route. Tighten up the ship, stay away from drugs and non legal things and then pursue the cleared positions if financially in your favor.

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Thanks for the reply. They are both contract spots. I’ve only had a public trust clearance. I don’t do drugs recreationally. Thanks for the advice.

If your credit score is at least fair and you have no arrests the security cleared position can be an eye opener. But if the money is nearly the same, I would lean towards the cleared position.