Self Reporting During Clearance Process

Good morning. I’ve been in the process for 3.5 years for a IC position.

I have a couple of things in the last two weeks that have come up. I was recently diagnosed with MS. I have a condition that I was put on steroids for before I start MS treatment. During the stretch of steroids treatment, I ran into a day at work where I let some language (bi*-h) slip over a phone call that a client heard, though it was indirect. I received a warning for this, as my employer recognized that this kind of action on my part “just isn’t me.” I found out the hard way that roids make folks act really weird.

Anyways, I’ve been trying to get in touch with my PoC to inform them of my medical status. This warning event happened a week after I was diagnosed. I’ll keep trying to get in touch with them, but I wanted to see what people thought. Are these things that require self reporting this far into my process? This is a first time offense for something like this and I’ve never been in a clearance process before. I’m still employed and just going about my daily business. I feel much better now that the steroids stuff is done.

And lastly, to anyone out there with MS, stay strong! Thanks everyone.

I would say this isn’t reportable the way you described.

I honestly forget if warnings in the workplace are on the SF-86 and if getting any required reporting. My boss called their boss, squashed it, got my warning, and we’ve been going about daily business ever since. I’d be more certain on the issue if it was something that caused me to get fired, but I am just unsure of this one. Thank you for your input.

I’m pretty sure that you don’t have to report this as well but was there any type of formal write up or just a talk with your boss?

Thank you Ed,

I spoke to my manager right after the incident and he contacted the person directly who heard me use the inappropriate language. My owner and manager spoke to the owner of the other company as well to explain what happened. I did receive a write up as well which was for “obscene or abusive language” since a client was on the phone. The written warning came a week after the incident occurred.

OK . . . I would document everything and have it ready. The diagnosis from your doctor, records of the steroid prescription and whatever you can get from your supervisor, including the fact that this “wasn’t like you”.

Have all of this ready to go and just wait until you are contacted again.

Thank you Ed. Much appreciated.

I confess not ever hearing steroid for inflammation use causes odd behavior. As opposed to aggressive “Roid Rage” by anabolic steroid use. Those may be different types of steroids, and if you use that as a defense make sure you have some research or notes from the doctor to back that up. Not because a moment of improper language is a clearance issue, but integrity is. So if there is no research showing your type of steroids cause odd behavior I would simply not go down that path. Just own it. Write ups are usually an issue of reporting integrity. I have had a few employees deny ever being written up for anything, at anytime. They signed the write up. It is in the HR folder. One of the cleared BI folks commented to me in passing “you sure write up a lot of people…” I manage up to 75 direct reports for access control, escorting and monitoring. What may not be a write-up for a housekeeper, can easily be a write up for a security function. The few employees insisting they were never written up had their integrity rightly questioned when confronted with a signed write-up. So if written up, simply acknowledge it. You are demonstrating integrity in doing so. A single bout of a bad word isn’t going to end a clearance.

Thanks amberbunny. I fully admitted my wrongdoing to my superiors. There’s no hiding what I did and I full well know it was wrong, but the doctors did mention irritability or crankiness as side effects when I started treatment. I was under IV treatment over the better part of a week w/ multiple visits, and the infraction occurred shortly after my last visit. In addition to my coworkers, my wife noticed my attitude change too. I’ve been without treatment for over a week now and really do feel much better. It’s not a defensive thing and it’s something I’ve moved on from. I know I didn’t help myself by what I did, but I just wasn’t sure about the need to update my security contact about it. I have tried calling twice to report this stuff without any response. I’ve left messages both times. Not sure what else I can do since I have no other means of contact. I have read that this process is about “the whole person” and this might be something small, but I personally treat it as something much bigger. The only thing I can do is move on and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Definitely bring it up with the investigator if they call back for any info. Again. not because the curse word is a show stopper, but because they will see it and they frame it as hiding it if not reported. Who amongst us has not slipped and uttered a bad word? If anyone claims they never have I am sure there are other things on par they have done. We are human. It happens.

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This isn’t reportable because it is not in the “coverage time” of the investigation that is going on. Just let things run it’s course…

Defender, if it was a write up at work in the past 10 years it is required. Again, honesty check. They will see the write up and it is for the candidate to be candid. If they were to not bring it up the BI folks need determine if their was intent to hide, and that needs pushed up the chain. This isn’t about a curse word, it is about having a write up and disclosing it. I don’t see this as anything that will stop a clearance if reported. If deliberately concealed, there is an honesty issue. That is a clearance concern.

I’ve already been through everything there is go to though as far as the process goes. Psych, poly, medical, met my investigator over two years ago and had everyone contacted, extra information submitted was last October that was needed. I’m past talking with an investigator if it matters. I still haven’t heard back from my PoC after my phone calls and messages. If they ever decide to call me back, I’ll let them know. Would rather be safe and forward with them. I truly appreciate everyone’s input and advice on the matter.