Senator Adjudication Status Inquiry

I need to sign a release for my senator to make the inquiry / discuss with the appropriate department about why I am stuck in adjudication (just over two years). Am I giving up any rights / further privacy by making such a request by signing said release?

Links to the related policies or any information would be most helpful.

The FOIPA I filed made it fairly clear as to what is holding things up and if my senator were to look into it, there is a good chance the issue would be cleared up, very quickly.

My senator has been very responsive but I obviously need to sign the waiver prior to the senator’s staff being able to look into the issue. I just want to make sure I am not signing up for further dissemination of information outside the existing process I already agreed to by signing the sf-86?

Any advice would be appreciated,


I mean you read the fine print, right? I’m not sure what else anyone here could offer your that isn’t covered by the legalese. Read your rights, digest them, and then decide if you can live within the parameters. I doubt anyone is trying to trick you in this matter. Do your due diligence and proceed according to your own risk tolerance. Life.


Ah, I remember why I love this site.

Yes, read the fine print and my understanding is that only the federal gov’t is bound by any disclosure required by / provided on the sf86, not an individual state. Did I misread this?

I suspect no one would try to jam me up for the sake of doing so but who knows? Hence my asking, I guess I’ll just wait.

Whatever your trade-off(s) in this instance is stated in the release.

Good advice for the security arena and life in general.

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@TheoWilliams How long did it take to get a FOIPA back? Was it for the DoD/JPAS/DCSA stuff or was it for the IC/Scattered Castles stuff?

I’m thinking of doing both as I have been in both systems and would like to see what is holding up my adjudication for going back to the IC.