Sending money to India for mother's surgery

Hi I just got secret clearance 2 months back. I have to send money to India for my mother’s surgery. Somewhere around $7K.
Does this have any implications on my existing security clearance?

I would your quick response.

I can’t say if it would or would not but be sure to keep records of everything, including any documentation you have that it is for a medial purpose for a family member.

Also check to see if there are any financial disclosure forms regarding transfer of funds outside the country… would hate to see the failure to file some document be the thing that trips you up. I know that you have to file some form if you make a cash transaction over $10K (within the US, that is) so I wonder if something similar applies here.

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Ask your FSO, he/she will have the best answer.

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I clearly mentioned in my documents that I send money to my foreign parents regularly to take care of them . I was granted clearance…

If it is truthful…than it is explainable and understandable and better still, provable. Following the money you sent $7K, mom paid $7k for surgery…nice, neat, easy. But if you sent $7K for “surgery,” and mom did not have surgery…then they may want to understand best where the money went.

Thanks, I just sent email to FSO and it is indeed for medical reasons.