Sf-50 / Must-Read

Hi Team,
What it means ?
section 5._ A.code 317
and Section 5.- C.Code RUM
and Section 5.D reg 715.202 Other
After resignation while on academy for the agency …bcz of family emergency,so couldn’t relocate anymore.
And planning getting back after helping my family issues

I did my little research abt it but i would like to hear from a knowledgeable person who’s in the field and seen that before …
Some input please i would appreciate it .Thank

I wish I could offer some useful input; there were a couple of very knowledgeable fed HR folks on the old Federal Soup forums but that site shut down…

I wonder if those codes are agency specific?

This is saying you resigned during a probationary period. See https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/data-analysis-documentation/personnel-documentation/processing-personnel-actions/gppa31.pdf#page37

Page 31-11 “Separations by Other than Retirement”

Thank you i saw that too…just want make sure the informations were accurate…Appreciate you