SF-85 Role for GSA and Mitigating Financial Concerns

Greetings All! I was recently offered and accepted a role as an IT contractor this month for the GSA with a start date in mid June. I am a bit of a novice to the clearance process although having a Public trust eight years ago. I have outlined my situation below and would greatly appreciate the constructive input of individuals who are willing to provide it. I understand that being granted a clearance is not a right, but a privilege and show of trust in one’s ability to be forthright and honest in their work. I humbly and respectfully thank you all in advance for your insight.

Job Opportunity: IT Role Consulting with GSA

Forms I will be filling out:

  1. SF-85
  2. GSA 3665
  3. OF0306
  4. e-Quip for upload of aforementioned documents.


  1. $34,000 Chase Private Student Loan in Collections. (Payment Arrangement set in November of 2018 with Chase and adhered to ever since. Original balance was $38,000. Paid $4,000 so far. Chase has agreed not to forward debt to IRS via a “1099” so long as I continue making payments.)

  2. $1,300 Credit Card debt in Collections (Payment Arrangement set in September of 2018 and adhered to ever since. Original balance was $2,300. Paid $1,000 so far)

  3. $2,750 Credit Card debt in Collections (Payment Arrangement set in February 2019 and adhered to ever since. Original Balance was $3,100. Paid $350 so far)

  4. $1,800 Emergency room visit during uninsured period of employment. (Payment arrangement set in April. Original balance $1,900. Paid $100 so far)

Documentation is readily available for all arrangements and payment history provided above. The deaths of family members, periods of unemployment and underemployment were some factors, but this is all my responsibility. Errors that I made in the past with money are mine and mine alone regardless of the circumstances or stresses at the time.


  1. No Criminal record, no drug/alcohol abuse, or delinquent Federal Debts.

  2. Federal Student Loans all in deferment and good standing while pursuing Master’s Degree.

  3. Prior Public Trust Clearance from Nov 2011-Sep 2012 during government contract with IT Consulting company.

  4. Strong character and job references.

NOTE: I was told that I would need to obtain and work with an “Interim” while waiting for background investigation to complete. Offer was provided four days ago, but have not yet received e-Quip form/account.

My questions are “What can I do, if at all to further convey that I am working to mitigate financial concerns and demonstrate that I am indeed taking control of my finances to a satisfactory degree?” Also, are there specific requirements for and “Interim”? I am aware that despite my efforts to pay off my debt which I began prior to this offer, that my finances are in great need of improvement and continuous attention and follow through to resolution.

Best Regards,

I think that an interim would be a stretch for you, but eventually clearing would not be.

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I think you have the right attitude which is huge, make sure that comes across in any investigation interviews you do. As far as the debts, make sure your staying on top of the payment arrangements and show proof of those timely payments. I don’t think you will have any issues getting through the process. I am trying to remember if the E-Quip has the ability to attach documents, but for sure make sure to relay that you are satisfying payment plans. If you don’t get the interim, then don’t beat yourself up too bad.

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Thanks so much for your reply.

Is there an opportunity to explain any concerns during the process for getting an interim? Also, if I am denied an interim would that mean the entire clearing process would stop?

Not during Interim usually

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Thank you @radove ! I’ll make sure to keep up with my payments. I am wondering if I should submit my repayment documentation before it is eventually requested along with my SF-85 form