SF-85P Experiences

Has anyone else had any experiences with obtaining a public trust clearance with any similar situations as noted below?

17 years ago, at the age of 23, I was involved in a little pushing and shoving with my at the time wife which eventually led to me being charged with Assault & Battery. I completed the SF85P today and there was a question on there about any Assault & Battery charges against a spouse, etc. no matter the age of the charge. I listed the incident, dates, charges, conviction, etc. I have not been in any trouble since then. Again, this was 17 years ago. Will my SF85P Public Trust be denied?

No . . . I don’t think that you will have a problem . . .

The 2017 version of the SF85P has a “Have you EVER” question regarding domestic violence.

Yes, I just completed mine last week and that was on there. It stated “ever” . I did list all the details of the conviction as well as the sentence which was probation, community service, and an anger management program. All of which were completed over 15 years ago and no trouble with the law since then.

@Amberbunny2 … In your professional experience can you provide some insight?

What more do you need to know at this point? You don’t. Adhere to the process, wait, and see what your results are.

Time is a big mitigating factor. Just my opinion here but assuming no other issues and the fact you were upfront and listed all of the info correctly and honestly, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about