Sf-85p work experience question

Good afternoon, I work in food service.I have been working to better myself and managed to get my graduate degree. I hopefully will be getting a TO soon.

I have never filled out a background check before and I am concerned with properly filling out a background check work experience. I worked for the same job/ employer continuously for the past 7 years, but there has been 3 times over the past 7 when my hours had been reduced. I work reduced hours and collected unemployment until hours were restored. How would I go about properly listing this in work experience?

If there were no periods of unemployment, just reduced hours, list the 7 yr job as full time then explain the brief period s of part time during your interview. If you were laid off and not working during reduced hours time frames list those times as unemployed. Congrats on your degree.

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Definitely explain to investigator the situation. It is common in culinary with corona. My daughter has same experience. She is in Virginia which has a nightmare of a process filing for benefits. I hope you are somewhere else easier.

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I would break them up as if they were separate periods of employment. So first block of full time ends when hours were reduced. Reason for leaving would be: didn’t leave, but hours reduced to part time. Next block of time would be the period of part time with an end date of the return to full time. Reason for leaving, would be brought back on full time. That end date would be when the next period of part time began, and so on and so forth.