SF-86: Interim questions about current supervisor, counseling

I have accepted a CJO for a position that requires interim secret clearance to start. I will complete my e-Qip this week. From reading this blog, I understand that the timeline for the interim is unpredictable and that the offer can be revoked. I work in an “at will” state, too.

Overall, I don’t think I have any red flags for an interim or final BI: lived in the same house for over 10 years; no debt (but will double-check before completing the form); no arrests. Over 10 years ago, a supervisor wrote me up, claiming I violated a non-existent policy. I can provide references to mitigate her claims, if that were to come up.

I do have concerns about the following:

  1. It’s not clear to me if current supervisors are contacted for interim BIs. Are they? If my current supervisor is contacted, I’m fairly sure I will be terminated. Any help about what to do or say is appreciated.

  2. I sought counseling (two sessions) with a mental health professional (MSW) to help me sort through some issues at my current job. I wanted to talk to a neutral third party about how to address/think about the situation. The counseling was a personal choice and not recommended by my employer or anything like that. It was also not for a “condition,” and I have never been diagnosed as having a mental health condition. I also used the EAP program a few times in a previous job. Again, not for a “condition” but to have someone other than a friend or family member offer advice about personal matters. Do I include either of these on the form?

Your employer will eventually be contacted either by letter or by an investigator - T3 is normally by letter. Still, you need to be prepared that your employer will be contacted.