SF85p High Risk NBIB Investigation

Recently have Received an offer from a company September 4. I had to go through their preliminary requirements such as their company background filling out and SF85p form and so forth. Yes I have been charged, yes I have minimal credit issues and yes I have been let go from jobs. But on top of that I completely filled an E-Qip and was given a start date for October 7. It was explained to me that once my prelims come back favorable they will let me work while the PT was in motion. I am a tad skeptical on should I have put my two weeks in with my new job? What if I am denied the trust while working? Will I be let go(fired). EdFarmer shed some light on my situation please thanks!

Me? If you don’t get your Public Trust approved, I’m sure that you will be let go. It’s possible that the company may have work that you can do somewhere else without the public trust but we have no way of knowing that.

Is that the only question in there?

I mean I have already been interviewed and everything by someone from NBIB. Just a few days ago. Also the job description stated being able to pass a public trust prior to starting. How likely am I to get the trust if I made it this far?