SF 85P information NEEDED


Anybody here can help me.

I completed my eq… couple of months ago and I ask the security Officer what was the status. Her answer was YOUR CASE WAS APPROVED. Can someone explain? Does that means is over?

No experience im federal Background check!

@Marko I seen you have a lot of experience maybe you can help me! Thanks

Why dont you ask the same security officer this question? It probably means they reviewed your application for the public trust position, found no issues and submitted it to NBIB.

I am Not sure if they are not allow to give you Information but all she said was the case was approved, and i asked her what she meant by approved. I was completely Ignored.

Thank you

Since you most likely did not get the Public Trust classification in a few months, it’s more likely you were approved to work (ATO - authorization to operate) while the process continues. An SF85P is usually for Moderate Risk Public Trust (MRPT) positions and can take some time to get through the system, including a personal interview. At the non defense agency where I work, my team all filled out our SF85P forms in Oct 2017. We all got ATO within 2 weeks, so we’ve been working ever since. 2 of us got interviewed in June 2018 and 1 just got interviewed 2 weeks ago (Jan 2019).